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Do you need help managing and/or coordinating a Virtual Meeting?

The COVID Pandemic pushed us to realize that we don’t always need to meet in-person to get things accomplished, we can meet virtually and get more done while also saving a ton of money on travel, hotel and per diems. Our Virtual Meeting Management Services brings together the landscape of online meeting platforms to ensure the success of your meeting. 

From hosting a simple webinar with a few people, to managing an online conference of a few hundred people, mC will exceed your expectations for handling the flow and ebb of making sure speakers are at the forefront and those who need to be “muted” are silenced.

We are committed to #BlackExcellence in all technical aspects, because we know and understand the importance of human connection on virtual platforms. We prioritize user-friendly interfaces, foster person-to-person engagement, and utilize innovative tools to maximize participation and collaboration. Our preferred platform is Zoo, but we are also familiar with Micorsoft Teams and Google Meet.

By giving us a chance to earn your trust and businesse, we hope to “WOW” you with our skills and abilities to handle all your virtual meeting planning needs and help you achieve your objectives. Give us a call or text at 404-454-5469 and let us know your Virtual Meeting needs so we can help.

virtual meeting

management services

We’ll brainstorm the agenda with you in advance to ensure all the pre logistics are in place for those planning to attend virtually. 

We will make sure the access levels for Participants, Attendees, and Presenters have been sent well in advance of the Virtual Meeting.

We provide technical support for presenters and moderators in advance around lighting, background, etc. – so they look good.

While the meeting is live, one of our mC Virtual Meeting Team Members will be available for troubleshooting issues.


Starting and ending on time is important to those who make the committment to attend a meeting virtually, and we keep track.

Should you need us to broadcast the meeting live on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, or YouTube – we are here for you.

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