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Do you need a Life Coach?

The challenge in moving forward in life is having someone to hold us accountable and give us some guidance and direction to make sure we are headed where we want to go. Our Life Coaching Services are provided directly  by Dr. LaMont “Montee” Evans (President/CEO) based on his many years of being in business and helping others succeed.

We know Black-owned businesses are in a unique position to offer products and/or services that can help them gorw financially, etc. However, sometimes we get stuck and in our own way, which makes us self-sabotage our next move or step. We bring a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities that individuals may face, while creating a safe and supportive space for our clients to explore their goals and aspirations.

The Life Coach journey often involves a holistic approach, addressing not only professional and personal goals but also navigating issues related to identity, systemic barriers, and cultural context. We follow seven (7) key steps in our Life Coach Services which play a pivotal role in fostering resilience, self-discovery, and self-empowerment within our clients.

Our focus is also to get you to draw from your own experiences and cultural insights so we can tailor strategies that resonate with you. This personalized touch helps clients overcome obstacles, build confidence, and unlock their full potential. Additionally, we look at ways to emphasize community and collaboration, this helps to foster a sense of collective upliftment. Give us a call or text at 404-454-5469 to schedule your Life Coach Session and take your business, nonprofit, or thoughts to the next level.

Seven (7) Steps
in Life coaching

It’s important to have a conversation and be an active listener for our clients.

We also embark upon asking tough questions on where you want to go in life. 

We then set goals; weekly, monthly and quarterly to see where you want to go.

We listen and give you feedback and acknowledge successes.

The undercurrent in many of our actions is our EI.

To be successful, we have to be willing to keep learning more.

The last step asks …  what else needs to be considered?

the moja experience


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away." - Dr. Maya Angelou

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