Drone/Aerial Photography

Do you need aerial photos?

Aerial Photography is the taking of photographs from an aircraft or other airborne platforms. When taking motion pictures, it is also known as aerial videography.

Dr. LaMont “Montee” Evans is a FAA 107 Certified commercial drone pilot. Our drone service covers a wide range of commercial property aerial videography and residential photography in Atlanta, Metro Atlanta and Georgia. If you need drone aerial photography for construction progress, land surveying or site planning we use the DJI Mavic Pro 2 to do all our aerial photography. We can also assist you in getting commercial property aerial videography by using 1080p, HD and 4K camera videos. 

We use a professional quality drone for all our photo and video shoots. We can be wherever you need us to be, domestically or internationally (additional fees may apply). We photograph and videography land sites, subdivisions, homes, estates and grounds, surveillance, government facilities, buildings, events, water towers, shopping malls and strip malls, apartment complexes, utilities, industrial building sites and grounds, commercial properties and more. Our commercial property aerial videography and drone photography services are backed by professional experience and training. 

Give us a call or text at 404-454-5469 and let us know what you need.  

Sample of Drone/Aerial Photography Work

(Decatur, GA) Aerial Photo taken of Exchange Park Primary Building & Pool. 

(Decatur, GA) Aerial Photo taken of Exchange Park Primary Building sideways. 

(Atlanta, GA) Mercedes Benz Stadium captured from an aerial photo, it is illegal to fly directly over the stadium.

(Ghana, West Africa) Senya Beraku Fort of Good Hope fishing village, after bringing in most recent catch.

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