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the mC Story

Interesting enough, when we first opened, we were located in South DeKalb Office Park (now the Exchange Decatur) and 16 years later (2018), we returned to the very location we started. We have expanded our line of services since 2002, but the premise and vision remains in tact: how do we ensure the spirit of excellence is in everything we do? Learn more HERE.


mC Logo

Our logo has evolved over time, and the colors have deep meaning for us. If you think of the Olympic Rings, you’ll notice we have every color reflected in them. We wanted to emphasis flames rising high and ensure our name was bold, just like the work we do for our clients. From where we started to what we have in place today, we are confident this logo will be the iconic image to represent our brand.  Learn more HERE.


mC Mission

Our Mission: To deliver world class service – one client, one opportunity and one relationship at a timeOur journey began in 2002 when Dr. LaMont “Montee” Evans founded the company with a focus to ensure African American/Black entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofit organizations has a reputable and skilled consulting firm to turn to. Learn more HERE.


mC Vision

Our Vision: To develop and foster an environment where winning is the thread that keeps our clients, employees, and contractors happy in order to make the moja 2030 Vision a reality. We have seven key values that drive our vision and keep us focused, we know that providing good service and having systems in place are the bedrock benchmarks for success. Learn more HERE.


mC Social Responsibility

mojaevans Consulting, Limited Liability Company (USA) is a local business with a global vision. As our company has grown over the years, so has our community support to identify and support projects most relevant to local communities around the globe. We are committed to investing our time, expertise and resources to help develop and maintain vibrant, sustainable and local communities. Learn more HERE.

mC 2030

While 2030 may seem far away, we know technology,  Artificial  Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, and human creativity will get us there much faster. With that in mind, we want to help our clients stay at least one step ahead by knowing in advance the changes to come. We want to be the go-to consulting company where past, present and future clients can turn to for what will be best for them in the form of extending or expanding the services and/or products they offer. Lear more HERE


the moja experience


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the moments that take our breath away." - Dr. Maya Angelou

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