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Website Assessment & Analysis

Have you checked your website's grade lately?  Are you passing or failing?  We specialize in conducting assessments of your website's layout and content to develop a step-by-step plan to make it better. Our goal is to make your better its best.

Who We Are


mojaevans Marketing & Branding Services, LLC is an Atlanta based consulting firm that will review each page of your website to determine its strengths and weaknesses, seek out opportunities to make it better, and notice that things that threaten its longevity in the search engine and social media word. Meta keywords and description located in the header area of your site is key.


What We Do


We conduct an initial website assessment to determine how your site looks in the various browsers.  We then do a test on its loading time, content, search-ability, and review each page for keywords and meta descriptions that would best help it to show up during a minor or major search.  We run a grading through various tracking and grading websites to determine your score and present you with a plan on how to make your site better.


Here are some important things to consider to make sure your website is a success, visually appealing, and more apt for visitors to bookmark it or visit frequently are:


1. Take your time to make sure it is developed correctly.

2.  Don't put a lot of images or colors that will distract from the products/services.

3.  You fail to ask your site visitor to do something, ensure a Call To Action is there.

4.  Don't compromise costs for quality, cheap or expensive are not good qualifiers.

5.  You haven't updated your site since it went live or in months.

6.  No target audience, you can't be everything to everybody - identify your market.

7.  Doing It Yourself is great if you do website design, however trust a pro, even it is not us.


Your website is a part of millions of sites online, you have to make sure you have done due diligence for its layout, content, and design so that you are getting the best bang for your buck.


How We Can Help You


mojaevans knows from the moment your website is typed in, pulled up on a tablet, or smart phone whether or not you have a good site.  We will work with you to make the corrections identified in your Website Improvement Plan (WIP) or provide guidance and direction on how to steer your website developer/team on the improvements to make within a reasonable time frame.


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