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Ghana 2020 Strategic Plan

Everyday in Ghana, a mother wakes her children to prepare them for school and awaits the husband to get home from the fishing village having dropped the nets for the day.  Within all 10 Regions of Ghana, there are business owners preparing to welcome new business and Parliament members preparing to address the day's policies.  As the sun rises another day, so too does an opportunity for mojaevans to build its brand through partnership and collaborations.


According to the African Development Bank Group, Ghana has made significant progress towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It is likely that Ghana will eradicate extreme poverty, provide universal primary education to all children, promote gender equality and empower their women, as well as work on combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases.  This can only be done where infrastructure is continually be reviewed and developed.


Our 2020 Strategy is four-fold:


1.  We intend to continue investing resources to mobilize villages and rural areas around clean water wells, HIV/AIDS education, testing, leadership development, and treatment, as well as promote healthy eating.

2.  We will work with small businesses to provide graphic design that helps them to look good in print and assist them with launching and developing an online presence that includes search engine and social media optimization.

3.  We will identify non governmental organizations that are working to provide health education and disease prevention programs to provide NGO development services that will assist them in leveraging local, national, and international resources.

4.  We will work with key Parliament members to upgrade their online representation and utilize technology to mobilize citizens within their districts to become more engaged and connect them to economic development and education programs.


mojaevans 2020 Ghana Strategy will serve as the framework for how develop the brand in neighboring West African countries, knowing that listening is more important than talking.  In order for mojaevans to win, the country where we have operations must also be winning.  We will show measurable progress in all service areas to foster an environment where winning is the thread that keeps our clients, employees, and contractors happy.


We will continue to be a channel of inspiration within those countries we operate, thus creating real human exchanges, remaining passionate about our work, seeking optimism in all that we do, and enjoy the journey of life and service.


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